Welcome to Clari-tea with Kaluwa’s BouTEAque

Tea is steeped in tradition (pun intended ;-P). All around the world, cultures celebrate tea with ceremony, and consider it a high art. When you pair this with the aroma and benefits of the herbs, it transforms itself into an indulgence that’s actually good for you.

You could get your herbs in capsule form and slug them down with some water while on the run, and you will gain benefits. But, I propose that the very act of steeping a cup of tea (about 5 min), and sitting down to enjoy it actually enhances it’s benefits.

It’s not a horrible time commitment, or difficult to do, yet having that intentional time to focus and even indulge in your well-being is powerful.

This is the mindset that brought these teas. Using blends of herbs that are not only beneficial, but also enjoyable, so you can relax with your favorite, and not only feel amazing while you drink it, but continue to feel amazing after.

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If you’re not sure which is right for you, feel free to schedule a Clarity Huddle. This is a quick call dedicated to you and your wellness goals, and to provide answers to your questions.

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